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Cash Advances

Need Cash Now?

Receive cash fast when your business needs it the most. ReadyToSwipe ™ can help you get the cash you need to order inventory, boost marketing, or increase your immediate cash flow.

With same-day approval and full funding within 2-3 days of acceptance, there’s no better way to get the cash you need for your business. The application process is quick and easy. Cash advances are business-performance driven, so bad credit is not an issue, and we don’t require collateral.

Cash advances are automatically repaid out of your future earnings. With no setup fees or upfront points, securing the cash advance you need to keep your business operations flowing could not be easier.

Cash When You Need It

If your business needs funds right away, ReadyToSwipe ™ can help.

  • No Setup Fee or Upfront Points
  • No Collateral Required
  • Bad Credit Accepted
  • Quick & Easy Application Process

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