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Serving Multiple Industries For Over A Decade

ReadyToSwipe ™ has been serving business across the country, from small restaurants to large-scale ecommerce retailers, for over a decade. We have the expertise to help you get the right solution for your business, whether you are just starting up or are looking to switch providers.


From POS systems to gift and loyalty cards for your customers, we provide the services you need to keep business running smooth.


From fine dining to fast food, our industry leading restaurant solution provides high speed processing, to keep up with any restaurant environment.


Along with an efficient processing system, ReadyToSwipe ™ provides a rate guarantee since we know how each and every penny counts.


ReadyToSwipe ™’s B2B program was carefully tailored and designed to ensure proper card qualification, and a great image for all card businesses.

eCommerce Industry

Accepting credit cards online dramatically increases sales and allows your business to compete in the growing digital marketplace.

Trade Shows/Events

Taking payments at a trade show can be a challenge, unless you’re working with ReadyToSwipe ™’s state of the art wireless solutions.