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Customer Support

Customer Support

ReadyToSwipe ™’s support staff strives to service and handle each and every client in an efficient and timely fashion. If you have an immediate concern please feel free to call our support staff at (800) 597-9496, or you may e-mail For your convenience we have included some frequently asked questions, as well as links to some of our payment applications:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your merchant account has been approved; however we still need to activate your merchant number with the appropriate networks. Normally, it gets activated at midnight of the date of approval. However, some networks activate it at midnight of the 2nd day of approval. If this has not corrected itself by then, please call our support number.

Billing takes place within the first five days of the new calendar month for the previous calendar month. We automatically debit fees from the bank account on file, which you provided to us prior to approval. If you would like to update your banking information please contact customer support.

Within the first five days of the new calendar month. Whether you were approved the first day of the month, middle of the month or end of the month, the billing system is automatic and you will be charged. However, here at ReadyToSwipe ™, we understand that you may have not been able to utilize the service for the full month, therefore please contact support.

Debits for processing fees will come up as either “Bankcard MTOT” or “Bankcard BTOT” with your merchant number in the descriptor field. Debits for equipment, shipping, or PCI related fees will show up as ”ReadyToSwipe ™.”

The Doing Business As (DBA) name and business phone number provided to us on the agreement will display on your customer’s credit card statement. To make any changes or for any questions please contact support.

Yes. Statements are generated and mailed within the first five days of the new calendar month. The statement details all of your charges, as well as your total sales volume for the month. To view your statements online, please contact support, to go over options available for you.

Yes. There is a 24-hour terminal help desk available. Please look at your processing equipment package for the appropriate contact information for weekend support.

Funding is done automatically and electronically. The funding schedule is based on the batch time of the equipment/gateway. Please refer to your equipment/gateway packet to view batching details. Once the equipment/gateway is batched, the funds will be deposited into the bank account we have on file. This bank account is the one that was provided to us prior to approval. Please contact us for specific details about your batching details.

Here at ReadyToSwipe ™, we are looking to maintain the highest level of support and keep you on the most competitive pricing available. If at any time you feel that you are being offered a more competitive program, please don’t hesitate to call our support team at 800-910-8375 or e-mail us at We will do our best to ensure you are on the best pricing program available and will make sure a customized program is created for your business.

These are FAQs based on the most common questions received by new merchants. This can be referenced at all times and all of the information contained above is accurate. Please note, nothing on this document overrides the merchant processing agreement and/or program guide.

If you have any feedback or comments, please let us know; we would love to hear what you have to say. Please, reach us:
524 Arthur Godfrey Rd, 3rd Floor | Miami Beach, FL 33140 | p: 1-888-205-3473


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