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Convenient, Secure Payment Processing for Phone Orders

When you need to handle “card not present” transactions efficiently and securely, choose a Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) payment solution from ReadyToSwipe ™.

Our phone order credit card processing solutions make it easy to safely process payments when the card and customer are not present. When your business is not face-to-face, reliability and professionalism are paramount. A merchant account from ReadyToSwipe ™ allows you to quickly and safely process remote payments.

Our customer management tools and secure payment gateway make running sales over the phone just as efficient as running them in person.

Secure MOTO Credit Card Processing

Simplify your phone order credit card payment processing with ReadyToSwipe ™.

  • Free account setup
  • 24 hour support
  • Next day funding
  • Complete fraud protection

Learn more about the best phone order credit card payment solution for your business today. Contact us for more information.


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