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Gift/Reward Cards

Merchant Gift Cards to Build Your Brand

Reward your business AND your customers with our Gift Card and Loyalty program. Establish and build a gift card program to increase customer loyalty and boost brand exposure.

Drive revenue and build your brand with merchant gift cards from ReadyToSwipe ™. Easily manage a branded gift card program to increase revenue and expand your customer base. Merchant-branded gift cards put your business into customer’s wallets and put your brand on their minds.

Branded gift cards and loyalty cards help bring new customers in to your business and encourage existing customers to return. Keep revenue in house by reducing cash returns. Our reloadable cards drive repeat business and act as a mini-advertisement for your brand all at once.

Branded Gift Cards

  • Improve your sales
  • Cards work as a mini-billboard for your company
  • Easily managed program
  • Easy to promote at POS

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